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Establishedin 1996, Hongxin Construction Group Co., Ltd. has made rich achievements after20 years’ development. It has developed into a group enterprise involvingmulti-fields, such as municipal affairs, traffic, real estate, finance, hotel,tourism and culture. It is a standing council unit of China MunicipalEngineering Association and the vice-chairman unit of Suzhou City and KunshanCity Municipal Associations.

The corner of HongxinConstruction Group Co., Ltd.

Theaffiliated units of our company have such qualifications respectively: GeneralContractor-1 for municipal public works, General Contractor-1 for roadprojects, General Contractor-II for housing constructions, GeneralContractor-III for hydraulic and hydro-power engineering; SpecializedContractor-II for road bases projects, Specialized Contractor-III for roadpavement, Specialized Contractor-III for renovating rivers and lakes and thequalification of “going global” for undertaking foreign projects.


Goingthrough more than twenty years of ups and downs, we have constructed a powerfulengineering technical team. Our company currently has various advanced mediumand large construction and production machines and equipment, many cement stabilizedmacadam bases, asphalt concrete bases and commercial concrete mixing plants. Wehave successively participated into some national key engineering projectsincluding Shanghai-Nanjing, Huaian-Jiangdu, Wuxi-Jiangyin,Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou, Suzhou-Kunshan-Taicang expressway and so on; itundertook many projects, such as the Changshu City’s Third Ring FastReconstruction Project, the reconstruction and expansion work in BaoyingSection of S331 provincial road, Xuzhou-Jiawang Fast Track Western Extension Section(Kunlun Road) BT Project in Jiangsu Province, Dafeng Section of advanced-classRoad in Linhai, the Jinting Roundabout Road Construction JTHD-2 Bidding inWuzhong District, the phase-1 Taicang No.3 Water Plant, the phase-1 HuaqiaoSewage Treatment Plant Relocation Project in Kunshan City, the expansion ofTaicang southern suburb Sewage Treatment Plant, the phase-2 expansion of JinxiSewage Treatment Plant, Sichuan Shitingjiang Bridge, Suzhou Yuyaolu Bridge andXinjiang Atushibo Guzihe Bridge.

Shiting River Bridge Project in Sichuan Province

In2008, our company participated in the earthquake relief and aided constructionprojects of the Wenchuan Earthquake, including the Shitingjiang Bridge ofGuangluo in Sichuan’s Mianzhu, the Second Ring Road of Mianzhu, the KunshanRoad New Construction Project in Mianzhu’s Jiangsu Industrial Park District,the reconstruction of Xiaode Road, seven roads in Xiaodechang Town, the roadproject of Mianzhu’s Dongbei Town and so on. These projects are all qualifiedand have excellent qualities. As a result, they won many titles of JiangsuProvince’s “Yangzi Cup” Excellent Project Award and Jiangsu Province’sCivilized Construction Site. Among them, the Shijiangting Bridge Project wonthe highest national award in municipal industry: “The Golden Cup Award”.Meanwhile, our company also won the honorary title of “Advanced Unit inEarthquake Disaster Relief”.

Inrecent years, following the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy, weactively enhance international exchange and strive to seek overseasdevelopment. At present, a subsidiary company was established in Ethiopia,extending construction projects to overseas market. Sticking to the silk roadspirit centering around being peaceful and cooperative, open and tolerate,mutual learning and inspiring, mutual benefiting and win-win, we havecooperated with any party seriously, carried forward Hongxin Spirit ofOvercoming Difficulties and Being Pragmatic & Creative and positively carriedout works, which has built a bridge of win-win cooperation and peacefuldevelopment for two countries.